Keepsakes Collection

Keepsakes are smaller urns that are used to hold a small amount of a loved ones ashes.

They measure between 1 inch to 6 inches depending on the keepsake. 

Brushed Bronze Cube Keepsake

Chest Cast Bronze Mini Keepsake

Ashen Pewter Miniature Keepsake

Ashen Pewter Heart Keepsake

Chestnut Heart Bronze Keepsake

Chestnut Bronze Keepsake

Crimson Delphia Mini Keepsake

Crimson Delphia Mini Keepsake Heart

Blue Delphia Heart Keepsake

Blue Delphia Miniature Keepsake

Blue Butterfly Cloisonne Keepsake

Blue Butterfly Cloisonne Miniature

Amber Butterfly Cloisonne Miniature

Amber Butterfly Cloisonne Keepsake

Cameo Bell Jar Keepsake

Ebony Capsule Keepsake

Fredericksburg Cherry Mini Keepsake

Jefferson Mahogany Mini Keepsake

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Stained Hardwood Keepsake

Memorial Jewelry 

All jewelry can be personalized gold or silver and engraving

Each pendent holds a small amount of a loved ones cremated remains

More Jewelry options also available 

Heart Pendent 14K Gold

 Cross Pendent 14K Gold

Teardrop Pendent 14K Gold

Teardrop Pendent Silver

Sterling Silver Nambe' Oval Pendant

Sterling Silver Key Pendant

Stainless Steel Starfish Necklace

Sideways Stainless Heart Necklace

LifeStories Sterling Silver Bracelet

LifeStories Stainless Steel Necklace

LifeStories Medallion Bead - Sister/Daughter Set

LifeStories Medallion Bead - Brother/Son Theme Set

Sideways Stainless Cross Necklace

Sterling Silver Men's Cross Pendant